Terms & Conditions



  • All grape orders, fresh or juiced, are payable in full at the time order is placed, unless special arrangements have been made. A grape order will not be considered final until payment is received.
  • Payment for grapes signifies your acceptance of these “Terms and Conditions of Sale”.
  • Prior to pick up or shipping of your order, all freight and other charges by West Coast Grapes must be paid-in-full.
  • Prices are final only after grapes have been harvested.  If there is an increase in price, you will be notified by e-mail and have 24 hours (from the date and time of that e-mail notification) to accept (via e-mail) the increase or to cancel your order.
  • Unharvested grapes are assigned priority numbers determined by date of order. First come, first served protocol will be used in filling orders. If there are insufficient grapes to satisfy an exisiting order, West Coast Grapes, at the clients discretion, will refund monies paid or apply these funds to other grapes.
  • Some grapes have been and will probably be harvested at higher sugars than 24° brix. The buyer understands that this condition does exist. High sugar is not grounds for objecting to the grapes' quality.
  • Purchasing by weight and selling by volume does not offer an incentive for high sugars; higher sugar more weight/gallon.
  • All grapes grown in California are priced f.o.b. Madera and Reedley, CA.
  • Grapes are an agricultural product and are subject to price variation and availability.


  • Fresh Grapes are sold per pound as whole bunches with stems: Minimum order 36 lbs.
  • All Fresh Grape Juice in California are sold as settled juice: Minimum order 5 gallons.
  • A limited selection of Fresh White Grapes in the Northwest may be sold per pound as whole bunches: Minimum order 36 lbs. All Fresh White Grapes in the Northwest are sold as settled juice. Minimum order 5 gallons.
  • All Fresh Grapes are sold in 36lb or 42lb lug boxes. 
  • If you determine that you will not be available to pick up your order on the scheduled day/time, you are responsible for notifying West Coast Grapes on the day of scheduled pickup. West Coast Grapes will place your order in cold storage for up to 7 days. West Coast Grapes is not responsible for orders not picked up within 7 days. West Coast Grapes is also not responsible for order quality while in storage (as that is the responsibility of the storage facility).  No refunds for any reason for orders placed in storage.


  • West Coast Grapes responsibility for the integrity of the product ends once the grapes leave West Coast Grapes control.
    Shipment of grapes and/or juice by air cargo, truck or commercial carrier, less than truck load or full truckload under contract with West Coast Grapes or customer(s) are “out of the control” of West Coast Grapes/West Coast Grapes. If grapes/juice are delivered in unsatisfactory condition: all defects, losses, any damage must be acknowledged and signed by the driver or airline agent, and notification provided to West Coast Grapes within 36 hours.
  • When shipping arrangements are made and prepaid by West Coast Grapes (truck or air cargo), a shipping and handling fee will be charged prior to delivery. This fee applies to one customer shipping to one location. Handling fees may be charged when a customer makes his/her own shipping arrangements and pays the carrier for the shipment directly from the freezer and are determined on a case by case basis, in writing and affirmed by both parties, prior to delivery.


  • Payment may be made by check, cash, debit or credit card. We accept all major debit / credit cards.